Champion Building Fish Mural Restoration


Historic Champion Building’s Fish Mural Undergoes Restoration

Port Isabel, Texas

In 1906, just seven years after the 1899 construction of the Champion building, local fisherman and artist, Jose Morales was commissioned to paint a fish mural on the front of the 2-story structure. It was meant to promote sport fishing in the area. Over 200 images represent the species that can be found in the Laguna Madre Bay and the Gulf of Mexico off the beaches of South Padre Island.

Over the decades, the mural has been restored several times. Weather and other factors create conditions that require periodic restoration, so it was early in the spring of 2017 that plans were made to undergo this latest restoration. The Museums of Port Isabel has commissioned local artist, Angel Hernandez, to restore the 212 images that grace the building.

Restoration of the Champion Building Fish Mural


Other improvements also being made on the grounds of the Champion building includes the reconstruction of the walkway that leads to the Port Isabel Historical Museum entrance. Designed using the architectural details on the front of the Champion building, the walkway will feature the same millwork, proportions and colors that make up the gallery on the south side of the structure.


The Museums of Port Isabel will be fundraising for the historical fish mural. Those interested in participating can select the fish they would like to sponsor and contact Museum staff for payment processing. Selections are first come, first served. The project is estimated to be completed in the next couple of months.

The Fish Mural was celebrated on October 27th at 7 p.m. Festivities will include recognition of the donors and a presentation of the history of the fish mural. Details to follow. For more information on the fish sponsorship, please visit:, email or call 956/943-7602.

See what’s sold and what’s available:


Image # Species Donor
1 Background The Sherwin-Williams Company
1750 State Highway 100, Ste C
Port Isabel, Texas
2 Striped Mullet
3 Florida Pompano
4 Antlantic Spadefish
5 Spanish Mackeral
6 Gray Angelfish
7 Gag Grouper
8 Blacksaddled Coral Grouper?
10 Blacksaddled Coral Grouper?
11 Gray (Mangrove) Snapper? The Gorball Girls 85
12 Red Snapper Gary, Ellen & Monica Snider 85
13 Striped Bass
14 Spotted Sea Trout
15 Gray (Mangrove) Snapper?
16 White Pelican Mary Ann & Roger Brown 200
17 Crevalle Jack
18 Wahoo
19 Blacktip Shark In Memory of
Bobby Marchan
20 Southern Stingray First United Methodist Church
Port Isabel
21 Longnose Gar
22 Green Sea Turtle(?) Possible Loggerhead Sea Turtle, Inc.
In Honor of Ila Fox Loetscher
and Our Volunteers
23 Sheepshead
24 Rock Hind
25 Atlantic Spadefish
26 Clearnose Skate Port Isabel
Chamber of Commerce
27 Ocean Sunfish
28 Striped Bass
29 Tiger Shark?
30 Black Grouper? (may be a Gag)
31 Snook
32 Red Grouper
33 Gray (Mangrove) Snapper?
35 Greater Amberjack
37 Gag Grouper
38 Ocean Sunfish
39 Green Sea Turtle? Possible Loggerhead Sea Turtle, Inc.
Established 1977
South Padre Island, TX
40 Southern Kingfish
41 Snook Jasper’s Casino
Port Isabel, Texas
42 Rock Beauty
43 Green Sea Turtle? Possible Loggerhead The Collier Family
Kevin, Kristi & Kirby
45 Striped Mullet
46 Atlantic Croaker
47 Gray (Mangrove) Snapper? Robert & Linda Cutter 85
48 Atlantic (?) Flying Fish
49 Atlantic Spadefish  Mel & Donna Poyzer 85
51 Spotted Sea Trout Mr. & Mrs. Cary Causey 85
52 Gag Grouper In Memory of
Mr. & Mrs. Archie Causey
53 Southern Flounder? Joe & Lu Human 85
54 Red Grouper
55 Cobia
56 Mutton Snapper
59 Sandbar Shark? (very large dorsal)
60 Karen Causey & Family 85
61 Kim Causey Manos & Family 85
62 Atlantic Croaker Curtis Causey & Family 85
63 Greater Amberjack Alice Mansfield 85
64 Frigatebird In Memory of Alan H. Coburn
Valerie Bates
66 Striped Mullet
68 Southern Kingfish
69 Gag Grouper
70 Gray Snapper
71 Spanish Mackeral
72 Robert & Linda Cutter 85
73 Spotted Sea Trout In Memory of
Captain Dick Dennis
of the Altered Attitude
74 Gray (Mangrove) Snapper?
75 Blacksaddled Coral Grouper?
76 Rock Beauty
77 Atlantic Torpedo?
78 Gray (Mangrove) Snapper?
79 Blue Crab Gary, Ellen & Monica Snider 85
80 Striped Bass
81 Rock Hind Kim & Anrita Baier Family 85
82 Gag Grouper
83 Red Snapper In Memory of
Sue Randall Dennis
of the Altered Attitude
84 Atlantic? Flying Fish
85 Snook
86 Southern Flounder? In Memory of
Sue Randall Dennis
of the Altered Attitude
87 Goliath Grouper?
88 Wahoo Texas International Fishing Tournament 85
89 Caribbean Reef Squid Texas International Fishing Tournament 85
90 Spanish Mackeral Texas International Fishing Tournament 85
91 Shark Texas International Fishing Tournament 85
92 Greater Amberjack Texas International Fishing Tournament 85
93 Gray Triggerfish Texas International Fishing Tournament 85
94 Southern Hake Texas International Fishing Tournament 85
95 Blackwing Flying Fish
96 Rock Beauty
98 Clearnose Skate
99 Spotted Sea Trout
100 Florida Pompano
101 Shark Joshua & Elsa, Joseph, Juan, Elyssa & Jacob
Garza Family
102 Mutton Snapper?
104 Red Snapper
105 Striped Bass
106 Ocean Sunfish
107 Gag Grouper
108 Atlantic Croaker
109 Red Grouper First United Methodist Church
Port Isabel
111 Snook
112 Gray (Mangrove) Snapper?
113 Red Snapper
114 Snook
115 Red Snapper Uvaldo (Val) Champion Jr. 85
116 Atlantic Spadefish Suzanne Champion 85
117 Annemarie Champion Brand 85
118 Gray Triggerfish Joseph B. Champion 85
119 Crevalle Jack
122 Bald Eagle Southwind Inn 200
123 White Marlin In Memory of my Beloved Mother
Leonor Pro Meza who Adored &
Enjoyed Port Isabel, Ed Pro Meza
124 Wahoo
125 Spanish Mackeral
126 Florida Pompano
127 Red Drum Joe & Lu Human 85
128 Gray Triggerfish
129 Blacksaddled Coral Grouper?
130 Gag Grouper
131 Rock Beauty First United Methodist Church
Port Isabel
132 Atlantic Croaker Wayne (Tex)
Special Friend, Bobby Wells
133 Greater Amberjack For my dear Port Isabellian,
Amber Shintaku-Bates
Valerie Bates
134 Cobia
135 Rock Hind
136 Gag Grouper In Memoriam of
Richard Gorball
From his Family
137 Red Grouper? The Benito Longoria Family 85
138 Clearnose Skate Norma & Manuel Hinojosa 85
139 Gray (Mangrove) Snapper? In Memory of
Martha Longoria Champion
140 Wahoo Charlotte & Edward
141 Spotted Sea Trout The Jacobs Family
Bill, Linda
Lily, James, Justine
142 Atlantic Spadefish In Memory of
John Chano & Elvira Guerra
143 Blackfin or Yellowfin Tuna Christopher Champion 85
144 Red Grouper? Sarah & Jake Champion 85
145 Tripletail Carlos & Patricia Champion 85
146 Fred & Benita Longoria Champion 85
147 Jason & Cristina Champion Sims 85
148 Black Tip Shark From Mary Bertha
Granddaughter & Daughter of
Charles & Bertha Champion
149 Goosefish? Debbie Green for Grandparents
LaVerne & Phyllis Bedell and
Carmen & Emery Green Sr.
150 Striped Sea Bass
151 Blacktip Shark Richard Champion 85
152 Snook In Memory of Jesus R. Zurita
Juan V. Zurita & Adan O. Zurita
From Inocente Zurita & Family
153 Spanish Mackeral  Darlene Coates 85
154 Mutton Snapper?
155 Rock Beauty In Memory of
Rev. Claude & Mary Hennessee
By David & Sam Hennessee
156 Las Ventanas Condominiums
South Padre Island
157 Crevalle Jack  Darlene Coates 85
158 Florida Pompano  Darlene Coates 85
159 Atlantic Torpedo? Duane A. Rasmussen 85
160 Tarpon Barbara “Bobby” Wells 500
161 Sheepshead In Memory of
Uvaldo & Bertha Champion
From Mr. & Mrs. Ed. L. Ayers Jr.
162 Flounder M. N. Caudill 85
163 Spotted Sea Trout In Honor of Mr. & Mrs. Sanders
Leo & Nancy
164 Black Drum Our lovely daughter, April Lee Champion Ayers 85
165 Roundel Skate Edith R. Rasmussen 85
166 Red Drum  Darlene Coates 85
167 Striped Mullet
168 Goosefish Emery Green III In Honor of
LaVerne & Phyllis Bedell and
Carmen & Emery Green Sr.
169 Shark Israel “Winnie” Gonzalez
Mary O. Gonzalez
170 White Shrimp Brazos Fisheries
by the Cateora Family
171 Gulf Menhaden
172 Striped Bass
173 Ocean Sunfish George & Virginia Haynie Gause 85
174 Red Drum Joseph, Samantha, Ashley &
Stephanie Saenz . Descendents of
Mary Katherine Champion Saenz
175 Snook Joe & Miros Saenz
Son of
Mary Katherine Champion Saenz
176 Florida Pompano
177 Atlantic Spadefish Perry Jr. & Mary Aby 85
178 Dolphinfish (aka Mahi) Laguna Madre Art League 85
179 Gag Grouper  Steve Bearden – Port Isabel San Benito Navigation District 85
180 Sailfish Donated by the
Frank D. Yturria Family
181 Hardhead Catfish
182 Crevalle Jack
183 Gulf Flounder Laguna Madre Museum Foundation 85
184 Sheepshead Greg & Shari Atwell
Chase and Travis, Descendants of
Joanne Champion Van Cleave
185 Red Snapper In Memory of my Husband
Albert L. Scharen
187 Gray (Mangrove) Snapper? Chase & Alexis Atwell
Piper Atwell, 3x GG-Daughter
of Charles A. Champion
189 Blue Angelfish St. Andrew’s by the Sea Episcopal Church 85
190 Tarpon Carlos & Jeannie Flores
Julisa, Tommy & Steve Rivera
191 Red Drum Arnulfo Aguilar Villarreal & Family 85
192 Scaled Sardine
194 Blackwing? Flying Fish Debbie Green for Grandparents
LaVerne & Phyllis Bedell and
Carmen & Emery Green Sr.
195 Black Tip Shark
197 Striped Sea Bass Anonymous 85
198 M. N. Caudill 85
199 Southern Hake
200 Gofftopsail Catfish First United Methodist Church
Port Isabel
201 Lightening Whelk
202 Ocean Sunfish Tim & Linda Sanderson
daughter of
Mary Katherine Champion Saenz
203 Blue Crab The Reed Children
in Honor of their Parents
Howard and Cecelia Reed
204 Florida Pompano
205 Crab Anonymous 85
206 Lookdown Louis & Shirley Champion
Kathy, Tom, Terry
and Freddy
207 Mako/Tiger Shark Justin & Amy Champion
Miles Champion
Mason & Mackenzie White
208 Clearnose Skate Rey & Rose Champion 85
209 Spotted Sea Trout Brett & Jenilee Champion
Augustus Champion
210 Manta Ray Charles & Katy Champion
Charlie, Louis, Joann
Mary & Fred
211 Greater Amberjack
212 Snook Calvin & Sandra Byrd 85
213 Lighthouse In Loving Memory of my
Husband Robert & Son Rex,
Gloria Bates

Contact Information:

Jeannie Flores, Museum Director

22nd Annual Port Isabel Fundraiser featuring Pelican West! 2/1 7p


The Museums of Port Isabel are proud to announce its 22nd Annual ‘TASTE of the LAGUNA MADRE’ Museum Fundraiser featuring fresh local fare & PELICAN WEST!

The Museums of Port Isabel will host this culinary event on Friday, February 1, 2019 from 7 to 10 p.m. at the Port Isabel Event & Cultural Center. Dishes prepared by local restaurants will be top of the fare and includes side dishes, desserts and beverages. Live music by PELICAN WEST, door prizes, a silent auction and a Port Isabel Adventure Package raffle are all part of the $25 ticket price.

This IS the Museums of Port Isabel’s major fundraiser. Donations will be used to upgrade Museum’s exhibits and support programs. Info: 956/943-7602 or Tickets can be purchased at the door, Port Isabel City Hall, Port Isabel Public Library, Port Isabel Chamber of Commerce, South Padre Island Chamber of Commerce or at the Museums of Port Isabel or online:

The Museums of Port Isabel is a complex consisting of three diverse facilities, the Port Isabel Historic Museum, the Treasures of the Gulf Museum, and the Point Isabel Lighthouse. All three are within walking distance of each other and are open year around to the public.


Constructed in 1852, the Point Isabel Lighthouse was built to protect and guide ships through Brazos Santiago Pass and the barrier islands. In 1952, the Lighthouse was opened as a State Park and remains the only lighthouse on the Texas Gulf coast open to the public. The Lighthouse has just undergone a Texas Parks & WildlifeDepartment restoration and reopened to the public on January 2, 2018. The Lighthouse Keeper’s Cottage which is on the grounds of the Lighthouse, is open to the public and houses the Chamber of Commerce and the Port Isabel Visitors Center. There is no admission charge to the Keepers Cottage. Lighthouse tickets can be purchased at the Keepers Cottage or at the Lighthouse. A combination ticket is available. Last ticket sold at 4:30 p.m. or 1/2 hour before closing.


Port Isabel Historical Museum is a state-of-the-art facility located in the Champion Building. Built in 1899 as a dry goods store and residence, it now houses two exhibit levels, a theater, gift shop and one of the largest collections of Mexican artifacts from the U.S.-Mexican War. The facade features the famous ‘fish mural’ painted in 1906 by a local fisherman. The fish mural was restored in the fall of 2017. Last ticket sold at 3:30 p.m. 317 E. Railroad Ave., Port Isabel. 956/943-7602.


Treasures of the Gulf Museum spotlights three 1554 Spanish shipwrecks. Meeting their fate just 30 miles north of Port Isabel, they are brought to life with murals, artifacts and hands-on activities. Also featured is a Children’s Discovery Lab, Ship theatre and Nautical Gift Shop. Last ticket sold at 3:30 p.m. 317 E. Railroad Ave., Port Isabel. 956/943-7602.


Laguna Madre Art League Batik 16 x 20 Unframed Painting “Poppies”
Coastal Winds Montana West Purse
Yummies Bisrtro $20 Gift Certificate
American Diving & the Original Dolphin Watch Six (6) Gift Certificates
Veronica’s Beauty & Barber Salon $30 Gift Certificate
P. I. Nails $40 Manicure & Pedicure Gift Certificate
Sea & Sun Hair Fashion $25 Shampoo & Hair Set Gift Certificate
Vida’s Barber Shop & Beauty Salon $10 Hair Cut Gift Certificate
Osprey Fishing Charter & Black Dragon Cruise One (1) Pirate Adventure Cruise “Black Dragon” for Two (2) Gift Certificate, One (1) Sea-Life Safari “Osprey” for Two (2) Gift Certificate & One (1) Bay Fishing “Buccaneer” for Two (2) Gift Certificate
Anonymous Mesquite Dolphin & Palmtree Cross
T. Leeman Company 16 x 20 Framed print “Ladies in Red Hats”
Mexiquito Restaurant $25 Gift Certificate
Sea Ranch Restaurant $50 Gift Certificate
Carol A. Plumb 8 x 10 Oil Painting “Seashell” & Ceramic Puppy Cookie Jar
The Inn @ South Padre Inn Hotel Two (2) Night Stay Gift Certificate
The Light House Lighting Center Elk Hane Wooden Turtle
Mel & Donna Poyzer Sunset w/Ducks Jewelry Box & 2014 Black Label Clarer Wine Bottle
Captain Murphy’s Charter Service $30 Isla Tours Dolphin Watch Gift Certificate
Gulf Seafood Market & Joe’s Oyster Bar Dinner for Two (2) Gift Certificate
South Padre Island Adventure Park Horse Back Riding for Two (2) Gift Certificate
Anonymous Glass Love Swans & Glass Turtle Dove Décor
Anonymous Silver Fish Dish
Schlitterbahn Waterpark & Resort 2- All Day Tickets
Anonymous Flower Beige Ollipop Bracelet
Anonymous Colorful Cross Flower Ollipop Necklace
Anonymous Wood Rose w/Turquoise Necklace, Bracelets & Earrings Set
Gabriella’s Italian Restaurant $25 Gift Certificate
O’Reilly Auto Parts Power Torque Ratchet & Socket Set
Art Sea Gallery & Goods Breathe in the Sea Basket
Davey Jones Ice Cream Locker (3) Candy Bags & (12) $3 Gift Certificates
Gloria Bates 8×10 Acrylic “Dragon’s Teeth” Painting, 8×10 Acrylic “Bessie & Babe” Painting, 8×10 Acrylic “Gold in Them There Hills” Painting & 8×10 Acrylic “Three in Rhythm” Painting
Anonymous Camouflage Sling Bag
Island Cinema North (5) $10 Gift Certificates
Pearl South Padre (1) 2-Night Stay in a Deluxe Room Gift Certificate
Welcome Aboard Lighthouses of the Gulf Coast T-Shirt & Robin Ruth “Texas” Handbag
Dirty Als’ Family of Restaurants (2) Two $15 Gift Certificates
Jesse Olvera Art Glass Bowl
Tesori Murano Gold Plate Over Sterling Silver Ring & 12×18 Canvas Painting “Dog-Pitbull” Computerized Copy of Original by Dean Russo
Unique Jewelry Art & Crafts Lovers Embrace Statue – Natural Stone (Soap Stone from Kenya)
Isla Marble & Granite Company Granite Marble Polished Centerpiece
Laguna Madre Art League 10×20 Black Frame – Painting of Lighthouse
Marcello’s Italian Restaurant & Bar $30 Gift Certificate
Salon Samuel’s $35 Shampoo & Style Hair Cut Gift Certificate w/ Anita Ramirez
Bridgeview Flowers & Gifts Large Nautical Wreath / Rope Wreath w/Starfish & Anchor
Causey’s Liquors & Circle Drive In $50 Gift Certificate
Rio Bravo Gallery 2 – PI Lighthouse; 1 Troy Ounce & .999 Rare Silver Coins
Gloria Bates 5×7 Acrylic ‘Fish in the ocean” Painting & 8×10 Acrylic “Stormy Gulf” Painting
Anglers Marine Center 40oz Yeti Rambler Tumbler & 20oz Yeti Rambler Tumbler
Tropical Home Furnishings Wooden Fish
Museums of Port Isabel Mermaid Lamp
Peninsula Island Resort & Spa One (1) Night Stay from October – February, Deluxe Standard Room, Two (2) persons & Continental Breakfast included
Museums of Port Isabel Cast Iron Chapel Window Candle Holder
Museums of Port Isabel Cast Iron Brackets
Gloria Bates Black Framed Three (3) Growing Tulips
Gloria Bates Brown Framed Tropical Fish
Museums of Port Isabel Sterling Silver Pendant: Garnet, Amber, Peridot & Citrine
Museums of Port Isabel Sterling Silver Garnet Necklace & Earrings Set
Museums of Port Isabel Sterling Silver Onyx Ring
SPI Dolphin Docks Inc. Two (2) Dolphin Watch Cruises & Two (2) Bay Fishing Trips
Museums of Port Isabel Sterling Silver Bracelet: Amber, Garnet & Peridot
Museums of Port Isabel Cast Iron Sitting Mermaid
Doubledays Bar of Champions
L & F Distributors
Chillito Pikin
Subway Sandwiches & Salads
El Buen Pescador Restaurant
Porky’s Pit
El Papa’s Restaurant
Quik Stop
Manuel’s Restaurant
Texas International Fishing Tournament
Port Isabel-San Benito Navigation District
Texas Pack, Inc.

Museums of Port Isabel’s OPEN HOUSE

MUSEUMS of PORT ISABEL Open House on Saturday 12/8 10a-4p Refreshments & Gift Shop Sales 317 E. Railroad Ave. • 956/943-7602

Telling Our Stories ~ SHRIMPING INDUSTRY by Mrs. Carlett Boudreaux 9/27 7p

The Museums of Port Isabel and the Laguna Madre Museum Foundation are proud to present its “Telling Our Stories” Series of 2018 on Thursday, September 27th, at the Treasures of the Gulf Museum, 308 East Railroad Avenue at 7pm. This month’s topic will be on “Shrimping Industry” by Mrs. Carlette Boudreaux.

In 1949 at the age of 3, my father, mother and I moved to Brownsville, Texas from Morgan City, Louisiana.  The Shrimping Industry brought us here.  My father asked my mother if we could come for one season (which would have been about six months) and the season lasted 66 years.  With some others, my fathers did a lot to improve the South Texas Shrimping Industry.  As of today, he is still located in the Port Isabel area where he docked his first boat when we arrived.

Please join us for an entertaining evening with Mrs. Boudreaux on giving a presentation of the history of the “Shrimping Industry” with emphasis on the Port Isabel and local area. All locals and visitors are welcomed to attend this free presentation. Complimentary drinks and hors d’oeuvres will be provided.

‘Telling Our Stories” is an educational program aimed to preserving the heritage of the City of Port Isabel and the Laguna Madre area. Our goals are to preserve and educate our local and natural history through presentations and exhibits. The program is co-sponsored by the Museums of Port Isabel and the Laguna Museum Foundation. “Telling Our Stories” is presented on the fourth (4Th) Thursday of each month from January through September at the Treasures of the Gulf Museum. Admission is FREE.

Sponsored By:  Mr. Scott Friedman
“Pirate’s Landing Restaurant”

For more information on Telling Our Stories or to help sponsor an event, contact Jeannie Marie A. Flores at (956) 943-7602 or visit or you may also send an email to

Lighthouse Market Day! Saturday ~ October 13 at the Historic Lighthouse

Lighthouse Market Day, October 13th.

Port Isabel is proud to host the Lighthouse Market Day on the grounds of the newly restored and historic Port Isabel Lighthouse! For vendor information, click here> vendor-application. To reserve space contact Jeannie Flores – email or call 956/943-7602.


Port Isabel is proud to host the Lighthouse Market Day on the grounds of the newly restored and historic Port Isabel Lighthouse! For vendor information, click here> vendor-application. To reserve space contact Jeannie Flores – email or call 956/943-7602.


Booth 9 – Tony Medrano “Round-Up BBQ” - Blooming Onion & Spiral Potato
Booth 11 – Anai Ysaguirre “BonWorth” - Ladies Clothing
Booth 14 – Manny & Linda Campos “Manny’s Collectables” - Military Items, Flags, Caps, T-Shirts, Jewelry & Crafts
Booth 15 – Bonnie M. Waller “Aloe Re-Leaf” - Aloe Vera & Natural Skin Care
Booth 16 – Jorge Ayala “Scentsy” - Warmers & Scent Bars
Booth 17 – Reva Ayala “Origami Owl Custom Jewelry” - Lockets, Charms & Chains
Booth 18 – Elvia Vargas “Elvia’s Little Jeans” - Jewelry, Homemade Décor, Etc.
Booth 19 – “Museums of Port Isabel” - Gift Shop Merchandise
Booth 24 - Bonnie & Terry Heaton - Handmade Items,  Household Items & Tools
Booth 25 – Alannah Gardner “Douglass” - Glass Jewelry & Handmade HeadBands
Booth 26 - Terry J. Fox “Foxy’s Boutique” - Customize Stainless Steel Tumblers & Ladies Clothing
Booth 27 – Alma Barham “Resurrection” - Vintage
Booth 28 – Elisa Baker “Elisa Baker Art” – Original Art Coasters, Cutting Boards & Mugs
Booth 30 – Cassandra Bazhaw “Cassandra Original Art” - Fine Art, Cards, Cups, Coasters & Prints
Booth 32 – Joanna Ochoa “T-Moble” - Wireless Company Accessories
Booth 41 - Michael Alvardo - Fajita & Sausage Tacos
Booth 45 – Sergio Rodriguez “Texas Kettle Corn” - Kettle Corn
Booth 46 – “Museums of Port Isabel” - Nachos, PopCorn, Sweet & Sour Candy, Chocolate Candy Bars, Assortment Peanuts & Cornnuts, Pickles, Assortment Hot Chips w/Cheese & Frito Pies w/ Chili & Cheese

8th Annual Pachanga in the Park! 9/29 6 – 11 pm ~ Laguna Madre Park

The 8th Annual Pachanga in the Park will be held at the Laguna Madre Park, on Port Road, Saturday, September 30, from 6 – 11 p.m. Pachanga in the Park will feature live music by LOS GARCIA BROS. and Juan Garza y Los Ultimos, lots of great local food vendors, rides and games and contests. No admission charge. Family friendly.

VENDORS (vendor-application)

Booth 1 – “Museums of Port Isabel” – Nachos, PopCorn, Sweet & Sour Candy, Chocolate Candy Bars, Assortment Peanuts & Corn Nuts, Pickles, Hot Assortment Chips w/Cheese & Frito Pies w/Chili & Cheese
Booth 2 – Sergio Guzman ”Tacos Checo” - Corn on a Stick / Cup
Booth 3 – “Port Isabel Police Department” - Hot Dogs w/Chili & Cheese, Candy Apples & Tostaditas (Bag) w/Chili, Cheese & Limon
Booth 4 – Maricela Rodriguez “Rapas Rodriguez” – Rapas, Fruit Cups & Tostadas de Pollo (Chicken) w/Lettuce &
Booth 5 - “Claudia C. Guerrero” - Spiral Potato, Hamburgers w/French Fries & Chicken Flautas
Booth 6 – Stephanie Wilson “Capable Kids Foundation Lower Valley” - Shirts, Caps & Cups
Booth 7 – Veronica “El Buen Pescado” – Strawberries w/Crème, Churros (Sugar) & Fried Bananas
Booth 8 – Jorge Pineda “Pineda Toys & More” - Light-Up & Inflatable Toys
Booth 9 – Cecilia Zamora “Tu Salud Si Cuenta” - Information Booth
Booth 10 – Martha Vidal – Tostadas de Res Desebrada (Shredded Meat) & Totas de Ahogadas de Pollo (Chicken)
Booth 11 – Tony Medrano “Round Up BBQ” - Blooming Onions
Booth 12 – Flor Marin – Garnachas de Res, Tamales Verucruzanos de Pork & Clayoyos W/ Beans
Booth 13 – Kelly G. Hernandez “Kid’s Toys & Much More” - Light Up Toys, Bubbles, Inflatables & Much More
Booth 14 - Gloria Ramos - Crazy Cucumbers, Chicken Salad Plate & Tacos: Potato, Beans & Shredded Meat
Booth 15 – Hope Aguilar “C & H Photo N Crafts” - Figurines made of Bead, Necklaces, Keychains & Collectables
Booth 16 – JulieAnn Moore “Moore’s Ride & Concession” - Funnel Cakes, Turkey Legs & BBQ Chopped Brisket Sandwich
Booth 17 – JuileAnn Moore “Moore’s Ride & Concession” - Balloon Pop Game
Booth 18 – JulieAnn Moore “Moore’s Ride & Concession” - Basketball Game
Booth 19 – Karina Diaz “Karina’s Designs” - Tarpon Wear
Booth 20 - Alma Villanueva - Tacos: Bistek &  Tripa& Chalupas: Chicken & Shredded Meat
Booth 21 – Anna Ibarra “IbaSisters Handmade” - Handcrafted Polymer Clay Jewelry & Accessories Inspired by South Texas Culture
Booth 22 - “Scarlet’s Crepas” - Crepas, Chicharron Preparado
Booth 23 – Maria C. Barrera Vargas “Casa de Bendicion Jereh” - Pozole, Menudo & Gorditas de Picadillo, Nopales de Chili Rjo & Chicharron
Booth 24 – Maria C. Barrera Vargas “Casa de Bendicion Jereh” - Tamales: Chicken, Beef & Beans
Booth 25 - “Irma Garcia” - Mexican Pizza (Memelas), Cheese Enchiladas & Sopes de Beans, Cheese & Lettuce
Booth 26 – Ernie Rodriguez “FlashCopters” - LED-LIT Helicopter
Booth 27 – Cecilia Garcia “Tita’s Food Mobile” - Sopes de Pollo (Chicken) & Empanadas de Pollo (Chicken)
Booth 28 – Mario N. Lucas “Nava Tacos” - Tacos de Tropo
Booth 29 – Sergio Rodriguez “Texas Kettle Corn” - Kettle Corn
Booth 30 – Margie Jacobs “Laguna Madre Youth Center” Cake Spin, Chicken & Pork Sliders
Booth 31 – Jorge Pineda – “Pineda Toy’s & More” – Light-Up & Inflatable Toys
Booth 32 – Denise Hernandez “Build Your Own Belt” - Arts & Crafts / Belts
Booth 33 – Manny Villapondo “Southern Careers Institute” - Face Painting / Educational Information
Booth 34 – Edward Torres “RGV Tiger Sharks” - BBQ Chicken Plates w/Rice & Potato Salad & Beans
Booth 36 – Jared Coy “Cameron County Department of Elections & Voter Registration” - Election & Voter Registration Information
Booth 37 – Jose Cantu “Team Explosion” - Fried Shrimp Plate w/Fries & Shrimp Cocktail
Booth 38 – Kelly G. Hernandez “Kid’s Toys & Much More” - Light Up Toys, Bubbles, Inflatables & Much More


Thanks to our sponsors!

7th Annual Pachanga in the Park in Laguna Madre Park. September 30 from 6 to 11 p.m.

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