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Virginia R. Eggert Exhibit & Reception Announced 4/12 4-7p

317 E. Railroad Ave. ~ 956/943/-7602 for info

“South Texas Images”

The Museums of Port Isabel is hosting an exhibition of local art by Port Isabel artist Virginia R. Eggert, from Sunday, April 1 thru Monday, April 30, 2012.  An opening reception will take place in the Treasures of the Gulf Museum on Thursday, April 12, 2012 from 4pm-7pm. The public is invited to attend.  Refreshments will be served. Free admission.

Local artist, Virginia R. Eggert, paints with acrylics on is a watercolor paper, watercolor board and canvas.  She has selected “Watermedia on Paper” for her latest exhibit, which uses ARCYLICS in a transparent, watercolor technique.

WATERMEDIA is a fairly recent term. Until the 1970s, watercolor painting was mostly representational, transparently painted works on paper done with traditional watercolors.  Now, watermedia includes all water soluble painting mediums (acrylics, watercolor, gouache, casein, mixed media).

With the development of acrylic paint,Virginiabegan to experiment with new applications of acrylic paint on paper.  She began to use acrylics from totally transparent (watercolor techniques) to totally opaque (gouache, casein, mixed media) type applications.  When painting with acrylics on watercolor paper, she uses a transparent process – mixing the acrylics with water and brushing them on the paper with a watercolor technique.  When painting with acrylics on canvas, she uses them thick (opaquely) as they come out of the tube, mixing them in a manner similar to using oil paints.

Today, in most watercolor exhibits, the viewer can expect to see a combination of acrylic techniques grouped under the title of “Watermedia on Paper”.  An exciting thing about acrylics is that it can do everything the other watermedia (watercolors, gouache, casein) can do.  Today, acrylics paint is used by more artists than any other painting medium.  Acrylic paint is now the only painting medium that Virginia R. Eggert uses in her art work.

Virginia R. Eggert’s subject matter includes landscapes and seascapes with boats, buildings, birds, palm trees, water views and people.  She enjoys paintings what she sees – especially the early morning and late afternoon colors and shadows on the environment.

Virginiahas been involved in art all her life.  After graduating from high school, she earned a Bachelors degree in Visual Art from theUniversityofMontanainMissoula.  She also earned a Masters degree in Art Education and a Doctor of Philosophy degree from the University of Arizona in Tucson.  She took art classes at the University of Alaska in Fairbanks and Juneau.

Virginia R. Eggert moved to Port Isabel in 2001 and was intrigued by the unique and colorful scenery of this area.  She joined the Laguna Madre Art League and was active as an officer for a number of years.  Now, she spends her time painting commissions and doing artwork for local shows such as the Laguna Madre Art League Annual Show and the Beachcombers Fine Arts Show.  Her work is in art collections worldwide.

She lives in Port Isabel and has a gallery-studio in her home.  Her artwork is on display and for sale in Port Isabel at the Fly Shop 318 Queen Isabella.  To arrange a studio visit, e-mail her at virginakeylargo@aol.com or call 956-943-1153.  Her website is www.virginiaeggert.com.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact Jeannie Flores at (956) 943-7602 or visit www.portisabelmuseums.com or you may also send an email to jrivera@copitx.com.

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