Pachanga in the Park 9/28 6p-12a

Pachanga in the Park

The 9th Annual PACHANGA in the PARK will be held in the Laguna Madre Park just off Port Road. September 28th, 6 p.m. – 12 a.m.

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Booth 1 – “Museums of Port Isabel” … Nachos, Popcorn, Assortment of Sweet & Sour Candy, Assortment of Chocolate Candy, Pickles, Assortment of Peanuts/Cornuts, Cotton Candy, Frito Pies & Hot Cheetos & Cheese

Booth 2 – “Port Isabel Police Department” … Assortment of Candy Apples, Hotdogs & Corn in a Cup

Booth 3 – “Rodriguez Raspas” … Raspas, Funnel Cake & Spiral Potatoes

Booth 4 – “PI Volunteer Fire Department” … Fajita & Chicken Tacos

Booth 6 – “El Buen Pescador” … Churros, Tostadas w/Chicken, Lettuce, Tomato & Cheese & Fried Bananas

Booth 7 & 8 – “Veronica & Jorge Pineda” … Light-Up Toys

Booth 9 – “Tita’s Food Mobile” … Chicken Sopes, Chicken Empanadas & Chili Cheese Fries

Booth 10 & 11 – “Tacos Nava” … Tacos de Tropo & Bisket, Totas de Tropo & Bisket & Gingas de Tropo & Bisket

Booth 12 – “PIHS Band Booster Club” … Brisket Sandwiches w/potato chips

Booth 13 – “Kelly Hernandez” … Light-Up Toys

Booth 14 – “Antojitos Martha’s” … Tacos de Trompo, Garnachas de Chicken & Tamales de Verucruzanos

Booth 15 – Gloria Ramos” … Strawberries w/Crema & Chocolate, Candy Apples w/Gummies & Mangonadas

Booth 16 – “Moore’s Concession” … Turkey Legs, Funnel Cakes & BBQ Brisket w/Cheesy Fries

Booth 17 – “Moore’s Concession” … Basketball Game

Booth 18 – “Moore’s Concession” … Balloon Game

Booth 19 – “Junior Catholic Daughters of America” … Raspas, Sweet Desserts & Baked Goods & Fruit Cups

Booth 21 – “Scarlet’s Crepas” … Chicharron Preparado W/Ham or Pork Skins, Marranudus & Tostadas de Sibernias

Booth 22 – “Scarlet’s Crepas” … Corn on a Stick/Cup, Russa & Crepas

Booth 23 – “Tu Salud Si Cuenta” … Information Booth

Booth 27 – “Capable Kids Foundation Lower Valley” … Information Booth & Cotton Candy

Booth 29 – “Texas Kettle Corn” … Kettle Popcorn

Booth 30 – “Kelly Hernandez” … Light-Up Toys

Booth 31 – “Designs by Grace” … Chalk Paste Frames & Home Décor , Handmade Car Scents & Earrings

Booth 35 – “Department of Elections & Voters Registration” … Election Information, Census & Verbal Information

Booth 40 – “Port Isabel Friends of the Library” … Information Booth & Raffle

8th Annual Pachanga in the Park! 9/29 6 – 11 pm ~ Laguna Madre Park

The 8th Annual Pachanga in the Park will be held at the Laguna Madre Park, on Port Road, Saturday, September 30, from 6 – 11 p.m. Pachanga in the Park will feature live music by LOS GARCIA BROS. and Juan Garza y Los Ultimos, lots of great local food vendors, rides and games and contests. No admission charge. Family friendly.

VENDORS (vendor-application)

Booth 1 – “Museums of Port Isabel” – Nachos, PopCorn, Sweet & Sour Candy, Chocolate Candy Bars, Assortment Peanuts & Corn Nuts, Pickles, Hot Assortment Chips w/Cheese & Frito Pies w/Chili & Cheese
Booth 2 – Sergio Guzman “Tacos Checo” – Corn on a Stick / Cup
Booth 3 – “Port Isabel Police Department” – Hot Dogs w/Chili & Cheese, Candy Apples & Tostaditas (Bag) w/Chili, Cheese & Limon
Booth 4 – Maricela Rodriguez “Rapas Rodriguez” – Rapas, Fruit Cups & Tostadas de Pollo (Chicken) w/Lettuce &
Booth 5 – “Claudia C. Guerrero” – Spiral Potato, Hamburgers w/French Fries & Chicken Flautas
Booth 6 – Stephanie Wilson “Capable Kids Foundation Lower Valley” – Shirts, Caps & Cups
Booth 7 – Veronica “El Buen Pescado” – Strawberries w/Crème, Churros (Sugar) & Fried Bananas
Booth 8 – Jorge Pineda “Pineda Toys & More” – Light-Up & Inflatable Toys
Booth 9 – Cecilia Zamora “Tu Salud Si Cuenta” – Information Booth
Booth 10 – Martha Vidal – Tostadas de Res Desebrada (Shredded Meat) & Totas de Ahogadas de Pollo (Chicken)
Booth 11 – Tony Medrano “Round Up BBQ” – Blooming Onions
Booth 12 – Flor Marin – Garnachas de Res, Tamales Verucruzanos de Pork & Clayoyos W/ Beans
Booth 13 – Kelly G. Hernandez “Kid’s Toys & Much More” – Light Up Toys, Bubbles, Inflatables & Much More
Booth 14 – Gloria Ramos – Crazy Cucumbers, Chicken Salad Plate & Tacos: Potato, Beans & Shredded Meat
Booth 15 – Hope Aguilar “C & H Photo N Crafts” – Figurines made of Bead, Necklaces, Keychains & Collectables
Booth 16 – JulieAnn Moore “Moore’s Ride & Concession” – Funnel Cakes, Turkey Legs & BBQ Chopped Brisket Sandwich
Booth 17 – JuileAnn Moore “Moore’s Ride & Concession” – Balloon Pop Game
Booth 18 – JulieAnn Moore “Moore’s Ride & Concession” – Basketball Game
Booth 19 – Karina Diaz “Karina’s Designs” – Tarpon Wear
Booth 20 – Alma Villanueva – Tacos: Bistek &  Tripa& Chalupas: Chicken & Shredded Meat
Booth 21 – Anna Ibarra “IbaSisters Handmade” – Handcrafted Polymer Clay Jewelry & Accessories Inspired by South Texas Culture
Booth 22 – “Scarlet’s Crepas” – Crepas, Chicharron Preparado
Booth 23 – Maria C. Barrera Vargas “Casa de Bendicion Jereh” – Pozole, Menudo & Gorditas de Picadillo, Nopales de Chili Rjo & Chicharron
Booth 24 – Maria C. Barrera Vargas “Casa de Bendicion Jereh” – Tamales: Chicken, Beef & Beans
Booth 25 – “Irma Garcia” – Mexican Pizza (Memelas), Cheese Enchiladas & Sopes de Beans, Cheese & Lettuce
Booth 26 – Ernie Rodriguez “FlashCopters” – LED-LIT Helicopter
Booth 27 – Cecilia Garcia “Tita’s Food Mobile” – Sopes de Pollo (Chicken) & Empanadas de Pollo (Chicken)
Booth 28 – Mario N. Lucas “Nava Tacos” – Tacos de Tropo
Booth 29 – Sergio Rodriguez “Texas Kettle Corn” – Kettle Corn
Booth 30 – Margie Jacobs “Laguna Madre Youth Center” Cake Spin, Chicken & Pork Sliders
Booth 31 – Jorge Pineda – “Pineda Toy’s & More” – Light-Up & Inflatable Toys
Booth 32 – Denise Hernandez “Build Your Own Belt” – Arts & Crafts / Belts
Booth 33 – Manny Villapondo “Southern Careers Institute” – Face Painting / Educational Information
Booth 34 – Edward Torres “RGV Tiger Sharks” – BBQ Chicken Plates w/Rice & Potato Salad & Beans
Booth 36 – Jared Coy “Cameron County Department of Elections & Voter Registration” – Election & Voter Registration Information
Booth 37 – Jose Cantu “Team Explosion” – Fried Shrimp Plate w/Fries & Shrimp Cocktail
Booth 38 – Kelly G. Hernandez “Kid’s Toys & Much More” – Light Up Toys, Bubbles, Inflatables & Much More


Thanks to our sponsors!

7th Annual Pachanga in the Park in Laguna Madre Park. September 30 from 6 to 11 p.m.

Rescheduled: Pachanga in the Park! 4th Annual, 10/4 5-11pm ~ Washington Park

2014-09-03_1222From shrimp cockails to flan to gorditas to chalupas to tamales, tortas and tacos, you can join a few thousand friends and neighbors and immerse yourself in the culinary, musical and family culture that is Port Isabel!

4th Annual Pachanga in the Park
Saturday, October 5, 2014

5 p.m. – 11 p.m.
Washington Park (156 W. Madison St.)
Port Isabel, Texas

Now in its fourth year, the Pachanga in the Park was originally conceived by the Mayor and City Commission as a way to celebrate the Port Isabel park system. It does that and more. The idea of a park in that area of Port Isabel is visible as early as 1875 when the area was designated “Public Square” on a map filed with Cameron County. The park has been important to the community for well over a century. Washington Park (156 W. Madison St.) is in the heart of a residential section of Port Isabel and though located some three blocks south of Highway it would seem that Pachanga in the Park is one part location and two parts food and fun.

Food for foodies and if you’re just plain hungry.

Vendor coordinator, Jeannie Flores (Port Isabel Museum Director), is tasked with culling out the duplicate food offerings. Got tamales? What makes them different? What type of banana leaf are they served in? Each food vendor is challenged to serve a distinctive dish. A quick survey reflects that many of the recipes made their way to Port Isabel and the Laguna Madre area generations ago and the most prominent state represented is Durango.

And of course, festival favorites like spiral potatoes and kettle corn and funnel cakes are right at home at the Pachanga in the Park. There will also be rides for the kiddies.

2014-09-03_1224Contests include food vendors competing for the best chalupa and booth decorations and then there are the contests for the attendees including a Mexican costume contest, a grito contest, jalapeno contest and dance contest.

Music for the soul that moves the feet.

Live music will be provided by La Farra, a local Brownsville favorite, steeped in tradition with a sound suitable to serve as both center stage and backdrop for the Pachanga in the Park. Find them on Facebook: And award winning local legend, Mariachi Plata from the P.I.I.S.D. will kick off the live music presentations.


Pachanga means party and Port Isabel’s Pachanga in the Park is all about a culinary and cultural and musical celebration. It is an expression of the heart of Port Isabel and the Laguna Madre area in the tradition of friends, family, food and fun. In true ‘pachanga’ form, booth set up begins late in the afternoon with festivities kicking off at 5 p.m.

Our park is your park!
Our pachanga is your pachanga!
Our home is your home!

For more information:
Facebook event:
Port Isabel on Facebook:
Instagram (@portisabeltexas) & Twitter (@portisabeltexas): #pachangainthepark

For more information:
Event Coordinator: Robert Salinas (PIEDC Administrator) 956/943-0705
Vendor Coordinator: Jeannie Flores (PI Museum Director) 956/943-7602
See vendor list here:

Schedule of Events:
5:30 pm Booth Decorating Contest
6:45 pm Mariachi Plata
7:00 – 11:00 pm Live Music with LA FARRA
7:00 – 7:30 pm Chalupa Contest Pick Up
7:30 – 7:45 pm Boys and Girls Club La Danza De Los Viejitos & El Raton Vaquero
7:45 – 8:15 pm Jalapeno Eating Contest
8:15 – 8:45 pm Mexican Costume Contest
8:45 – 9:15 pm Dance Contest
9:15 pm Grito Contest
Awards to be presented after each contest. Schedule is subject to change.

Sponsored by:

Washington Park (156 W. Madison St., Port Isabel)