DoD Vendor Application, List & Map

Vendor Map:


VENDOR INFORMATION: In order to participate in the Port Isabel’s Los Colores del Muerto, ALL VENDORS must agree to the following provisions by agreeing below. Vendor Application: vendor-application.

1. The City of Port Isabel reserves the right to remove any vendor at any time, for any violation of the regulations set forth in the current year’s information regarding the City of Port Isabel’s Los Colores del Muerto.
2. In consideration of the use of one or more spaces by the undersigned vendor participation in Port Isabel’s Los Colores del Muerto, the undersigned agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the City of Port Isabel, its officers, agents, employees, and members from and against all liabilities, claims, suits, or demands for injuries to any person and/or property arising out of the undersigned’s injuries to persons he or she may cause by participating in such activities.
3. NO VENDOR shall sell any illegal items or items that infringe on registered trademarks.
4. Electricity – You must bring your own heavy-duty extension cord, 100′ or 200′ is sufficient. Cords across walkways must be taped. Do not overload outlets — do not use more than normally used on one household outlet. DO NOT RUN FANS, HEATERS OR OTHER PERSONAL CONVENIENCES. Strict limit of two crock pot sized appliances. 
5. ATTENTION VENDORS: No sale of soft drinks, water, or other beverages allowed without prior permission. This request will be enforced. Exclusive items on a first come, first served basis. This is a rain or shine event.
6. No vehicles on premises.
ATTN: ALL VENDORS must have a Texas Sales Tax Number.
FOOD VENDORS: must provide a copy of permit from Texas Department of Health.
COST PER BOOTH: $25 for 10 x 10 booth space; $10 for electricity.


Booth 1…Perry Aby “Aby’s Snacks” – Soft Drinks (Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite & Dr Pepper), Water & Nachos

Booth 2…Diana Baston – Agua Frescas (Lemonade, Horchata, Melon, Watermelon & Pine Apple) & Candy Apples (Chile, Original Red & Chocolate)

Booth 3…Erica Garcia – Fruit Cups

Booth 4…Rod Garcia “PI Fire Department” – Corn on a Stick / Cup

Booth 5…Ruth Durate – Pozole de Pollo (Chicken), Carnitas de Puerco (Pork) & Spices

Booth 6…Tina Salazar –  Tostadas Bag w/Chili & Cheese, Tortas (Shredded Meat (Carne Desebrada), Tamales (Pork) & Chizarrones w/Chili

Booth 7…Norma Ochoa – Mexican Chips/Peanuts, Frito Pies, Gatorade, Capri Suns, Dipping (Oreos, Marshmallows & Pretzels) & Empanadas (Chicken & Hamburger Meat)

Booth 8…Lisa Salinas – Funnel Cakes & Spiral Potatoes

Booth 9…Irma Garcia – Tamales de Pollo (Chicken) Espinasca, Mexican Pizza, Bolis (Strawberry, Coconut, Mango & Tarmarindo), Gorditas (Chorizo w/Beans, Beans w/Cheese, Carne Desebrada (Shredded Meat) & Picadillo w/Nopales), Tacos (Carne Guisada, Chicken & Pork w/Cilatro & Gabbage) & Agua Frescas (Jamaica, Mango & Tarmarindo) & Champurrado

Booth 10 & 11…Sally Ochoa – Tostadas (Chicken), Sopas (Chicken), Empanadas (Chicken) & Hot Dogs (Bacon, Jalapenos & Chili & Cheese)

Booth 12…Flor Hall – Flour Tortillas (Picadillo, Pork (Puerco) w/Red & Green Salsa & Beans w/Cheese &  Tamales Verecurznos (Chicken & Pork)

Booth 13…Sylvia Lopez – Agua Frescas (Strawberry Lemonade, Pina Colada, Coconut & Fruit) & Corn Dogs

Booth 16…Alex – Shrimp Cocktail & Tostadas: Ceviche

Booth 14…Nora Gonazles – Tamales (Cheese & Beans) & Gorditas (Chizzarones & Chicken)

Booth 15…Estella Reyes – Chocolate Candy Bars & Assorted Sour Candy

Booth 16…Alex – Shrimp Cocktail & Tostadas (Ceviche)

Booth 17…Alma Villanueva – Tacos (Bistek & Tripa

Booth 18…Bonnie Rodriguez “Texas FlashCopter” – FlashCopters

Booth 19…Elizabeth Cargill “Scentsy” – Warmers

Booth 20…Susie Alcocer – Fajita & Sausage Tacos

Booth 24…Cristina Medina “Angel Rose Jewelry” – Jewelry

Booth 26 & 27…Noe Agado “A.D.S. Kustoms Glass-Sandblasting” – Sandblasting to Personalize Glassware

Booth 28…Jesse Rangel “Green Mountain Energy Company” – Information Booth

Booth 29… “Museums of Port Isabel” – Day of the Dead T-Shirts

Booth 30…Juan Garcia “Photo Booth Express” – Photos

Booth 31 & 32…Mike Conteras – Jewlery

Booth 33 … Julie Degasperi – Arts & Crafts, Masks & Jewelry

Booth 34…Linda K. Montgomercy – Ladies Wear & Jewelry

Booth 35…Erica Villa – Western Crosses & Frames

Booth 36…Marti Etheridge “Laguna Wild” – T-Shirts

Booth 37…Viola Meza “V’z Designs” – Handmade Jewelry & Arts & Crafts

Booth 38…Linda & Lola  “Knotty Couture” – Jewelry

Booth 40…Veronica Alvarez “Aguila Real” – Boots & Mexican Curios

Booth 41…John Sparacino “Sparacino Italian Ice” – Italian Ice

Booth 42…Inez – Tamales Verdes (Chicken) & Flautas (Chicken)

Booth 43…Jackie Paddock “Will’s Burger Shack” – Smoked Turkey Legs & Smoothies