Map includes El Paseo Hike & Bike Trail

Map of Port Isabel!

Merchant Districts (Four Corners, Triangle, Port, Channel, Park, Lighthouse, Old Garcia Street, South Shore)

El Paseo de Santa Isabel project features nearly 10 miles of hike and bike trails. Four different trails start at the Historic Museum and are highlighted by landscaping, rest areas, informative kiosks, lighting and historical interpretation. The trails provide bicycle and pedestrian access to the districts in Port Isabel and into Laguna Heights. The El Paseo de Santa Isabel routes have been marked in orange, purple, yellow and green on the map inside. Explore, discover and experience Port Isabel and its rich history and diverse landscaping. . . on foot or on bike!

The Walk of Generals is be located in the Lighthouse District within Garcia St., Maxan St., Manautou St., and Railroad Ave. The Walk of Generals honors military leaders, institutions and civilians who played a vital role in the history of Port Isabel.

1. Thomas J. (Stonewall)Jackson 8. Zachary Taylor 15. Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard
2. Robert E. Lee 9. Romulo Diaz de la Vega 16. Braxton Bragg
3. Winfield Scott 10. Don Rafael Garcia 17. Samuel Ringgold
4. Richard King 11. Philip Henry Sheridan 18. John S. “Rip” Ford
5. Rio Grande Railroad Company 12. John E. Wool 19. Fort Polk
6. Ulysses S. Grant 13. George Gordon Meade 20. William Jenkins Worth
7. Jefferson Davis 14. George B. McClellan 21. Abner Doubleday