Telling Our Stories ~ Shrimp Tales: Port Isabel and Brownsville Shrimping History

Museums Telling Our StoriesThe Museums of Port Isabel and the Laguna Madre Museum Foundation are proud to present its “Telling Our Stories” Series of 2020 on Thursday, January 23rd, at the Port Isabel Event & Cultural Center, 309 East Railroad Ave. @ 7pm. This month’s topic will be on “Shrimp Tales: Port Isabel and Brownsville Shrimping History” a presentation by Mr. Rudy Garcia & Mrs. Pat McGrath Avery.

Mr. Garcia & Mrs. Avery came to this book from different backgrounds and have spent much of the last two (2) years interviewing, researching and writing the first-person stories of shrimpers who lived the life.

Mr. Garcia, born and raised in the Laguna Madre community, spent much of his childhood exploring the shrimp docks, venturing in and out of shrimp houses, boarding boats and conversing with the crews. When he was old enough to work on board a shrimp boat, his father sent him to sea with his Uncle Joe and his cousin Eddie. Mr. Garcia & his wife, Rita Nina reside in Laguna Vista, Texas.

Mrs. Avery and her husband drove her parents down from Kansas to spend winter in the mid-1970s. Returning to her home in land-locked Missouri, she never forgot the shrimp boats and her first taste of Gulf shrimp. By the time she moved here, most of the shrimp boats were gone, but those remaining still captured her interest. Mrs. Avery & her husband Everett live in Brownsville, Texas.

Rudy and Pat teamed up to write the history and share the stories of those who lived it. Mr. Garcia knew many of the shrimping families and the industry. Mrs. Avery had written several historical books featuring first-person accounts. Two (2) years ago they began interviewing shrimpers and are proud to bring their stories to life in Shrimp Tales: Port Isabel and Brownsville Shrimping History. The book highlights the years when an entire area – men, women and children – worked together as a community.

Please join us for an entertaining evening with Mr. Garcia & Mrs. Avery on a presentation on “Shrimp Tales: Port Isabel and Brownsville Shrimping History”. All locals and visitors are welcomed to attend this free presentation. Complimentary drinks and hors d’oeuvres will be provided.

‘Telling Our Stories” is an educational program aimed to preserving the heritage of the City of Port Isabel and the Laguna Madre area. Our goals are to preserve and educate our local and natural history through presentations and exhibits. The program is co-sponsored by the Museums of Port Isabel and the Laguna Museum Foundation. “Telling Our Stories” is presented on the fourth (4Th) Thursday of each month from January through September at the Treasures of the Gulf Museum. Admission is FREE.

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Pirate’s Landing Restaurant, Garcia’s Family & Mr. & Mrs. Avery

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